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Hedera Burn and deflationary plan.
Sneak Peak of our next Hedera drop.
We will create a function where holding 3 NFTs and burning or performing Seppuku with the hRYO tokens earned will grant you access to a heavily discounted WL of the Pixel collection. Bushido passes and WL passes from Genesis will come into play here as well. The exact mechanics of the burn can't be released at this time, but this is the basics of it.
The following is a Blueprint for the collections we plan to offer our Hedera Community.
Hedera Blueprint -
4,444 Genesis Drop -hold 3.
1,600 Pixel Drop -hold 3.
600 God Drop -hold 3.
300 Pixel Gods.
The key is holding 3 for each collection to be able to reap the full benefits of everything planned.