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xRonin is a fun collection of unique digital characters inspired by our love for anime and respect for the Samurai culture. Hedera Genesis NFTs are based in the Cyber Ronin era. The PVP aspect of our game will be based in this era. Our Artwork is digitally hand drawn and unique. We aspire to bring joy and fun to people, while building a decentralized environment we truly believe in. Let’s grow, learn, discover and experiment together with the next big revolution in human history and build an exciting entertainment franchise of the metaverse and beyond. We as a team want tto have fun with this as much as you in the community do. You can see from our innovative discord Bushido Boot camp that we are bringing something different that I don't believe the Hedera Network has quite yet.
We are a community-based utility focused web3 project. xRonin currently has 700 NFTs minted on the XRPL. We are also excited to announce that we are going to mint on the Hedera Network on Feb 6th! Our Long-term utility will be our P2E game, XR Battle Ronin and a fully functioning ecosystem within the game and marketplace. Current utility includes Staking, Raffle DAPP, and xRYO our native token which can be earned by holding an xRonin NFT on the XRPL and purchased through the Sologenic DEX.
We will be releasing 4 collections total on Hedera network. Every collection rarer then the last. The Genesis Collection is the base and pillar of everything we are planning. Then we have the xRonin Pixel collection that will follow. The third collection will be based on our Gods in our lore. Last, the final collection will be the pixel Gods collection.