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Proposed Utility

On the Hedera network
We will create a token hRYO which will have no liquidity backing it but strictly for our Hedera community ecosystem. We have many ways we plan to use this token and will be earned daily from holding and staking your Ronin.
Bring our marketplace/raffle system to our Hedera community as well. Either by integrating our current DAPP or building the HBAR community side to be on its own standalone platform. An example of the marketplace is linked below.
DAO - Items in shop will be voted on by NFT holders and based upon community wallet funds available. The plan is to have weekly and monthly raffles with prizes ranging from a t-shirt or hoody to a blue chip Hedera NFT. Dependent on secondary sales and the vote of the community we could even go bigger. In the end it's all up to the community.
The 50% of funds allocated for utility development will be staked on Hashpack and 80% of the return will go to our holders each month. The exact breakdown tba. This is where earning that Bushido pass is going to come in clutch.
The ultimate utility of this collection will be your NFT being playable in our forever expanding P2E game xR Battle Ronin! We go to work on 3D modeling as soon as we sell the Hedera Genesis drop out!